After over 13 years of providing service mauals, and technical assistance with repairs, troubleshooting, and advice on circuit bending,
and at a personal cost of over $500 for web hosting alone in that time.
And over the last few years, spending over $850 on new manuals,
And receiving less than a dozen emails thanking me for these manuals in the last 6 years,
I am withdrawing my provision of this service.

I am burned out like this transistor I spiked too much negative current

I am no longer gainfully employed, due to what appears to be a permanent disability,
and I cannot afford to keep this service.

Over a dozen of people scrape this entire site a day.
If other people can make their own mirrors, or add their downloads to their existing sites, that would be great.

I have only ever charged for manuals when I had to buy a manual specifically for someone, and most people who say they'll pay, don't.
If you really want any files I used to have here to add to your mirror and they aren't available anywhere else,
or you want to write me, or send me well wishes, or offer to help,
contact me at this domain name at
Use the term RINGMOD in subject line to avoid spam filter.